With our experience of living on golf courses, losing golf balls ourselves and understanding the economics behind golf balls, it is not surprising that this has become our passion. We have been in the golf ball business since 1998. Golf Ball Monkey made its debut in North Carolina where we began harvesting from a local course we were members of. That business soon grew to include selling harvested balls to local golfers and businesses in Roaring Gap, North Carolina and Hilton Head, South Carolina.
«Last year we harvested, sold and bought over 3 million golf balls…»
Our business has now expanded to Central Texas where we are located and golfing is in season year round. Our primary business is harvesting, buying and selling golf balls. Last year we harvested, sold and bought over three million golf balls and have become a large force in the golf ball business. Today we ship balls domestically and internationally to golfers, e-retailors and refinishers.
If you interested in selling or having Golf Ball Monkey harvest your golf balls please contact us!