Our Story

Golf Ball Monkey was a garage start-up that has seen significant growth over the years is Golf Ball Monkey LLC was incorporated in 2015 in Austin, Texas. Today Golf Ball Monkey is a multi-million dollar business with employees located globally. Our retail customers and wholesale buyers are located throughout the world.

Having played golf and living on golf courses throughout the USA, golf balls became a natural part of our daily lives. It was only a matter of time that my son and I saw a huge opportunity to build a golf business.

Over the past several years, we have built a major e-commerce operation selling on all major e-commerce platforms. To support these platforms, we have created an extensive set of social media channels with over 500 thousand followers.

To support our large volume of golf balls, we have created an extensive supply chain network supplying over 5 -10 million golf balls annually as well as golf tees and divot tools. To support this large inflow of golf balls, we added a retrieval operation to our business called GBM Retrieval LLC.

GBM Retrieval LLC outsources certified divers as well as rolling equipment and personnel to golf courses to harvest balls from water hazards. Today, GBM Retrieval supports multiple golf courses and the list of courses continues to grow. Our focus is predominantly courses located in the southern part of the USA.

Golf Ball Monkey LLC has grown every year and continues to expand operations to new markets and new products. Our story has just begun as we become an integral part of the golf industry.

Austin and Eric

«Last year we harvested, sold and bought over 3 million golf balls…»

If you interested in selling or having Golf Ball Monkey harvest your golf balls please contact us!