QuantitiesWe purchase large quantities (> 18,000) that can be shipped to GBM via freight service and smaller quantities (< 18,000) that are typically purchased within the local Texas area and picked-up by a member of the GBM team.
Our PricingPrices vary by type of ball: ProV, Proline/Shoreline, Practice/Range balls, etc. For more specific information regarding our competitive pricing, please e-mail GBM at
STEP 1:PreparationWhen buying used golf balls, we do not require that they are cleaned or sorted. However, ProVʼs should be separated out as they drive the overall price. Refurbished, 332, 392 and practice ProVʼs may remain in, but do not have the same pricing.
STEP 2:PackagingBalls should be packaged in quantities of 600 per bag. The bags should then be loaded onto pallets; each pallet can carry 30 -35 bags. Typical bags used for packaging include the 24×40» white poly plastic bags
STEP 3:StackingYou will need to deliver the golf balls to the recommended freight center. GBM will provide a BoL with freight quote number. It is your responsibility to stack the golf ball bags on standard 40X48 inch skid with 30/35 bags per skid.
STEP 4:ShippingGMB will cover the cost of shipping large quantities. GBM will wire 50% of the funds once a freight tracking number is provided and the remaining 50% once the golf balls are received. We maintain working relationships with several freight companies to ensure the cheapest delivery cost and the typical turnaround in final payment is less than 48 hours once received.
If you interested in selling or having Golf Ball Monkey harvest your golf balls please contact us!