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Oncore – Vero Mix


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Oncore Vero  Mix  (Vero X1 and X2)

VERO X1 features unprecedented accuracy for scoring from the fairway instead of the rough. This is the result of an oversize core and unique formulation along with a dense metal-infused mantle, leading to enhanced perimeter weighting. The result of the OnCore Vero X1 is increased Moment of Inertia (MOI) of the ball, which reduces side spin and achieves low spin off the driver to promote great distance with accuracy.
  • 4-piece and 85 compression design
  • Cast Urethane premium cover for an optimal feel
  • High-density metal-infused perimeter-weighted mantle layer for maximum forgiveness
  • Fast ball speeds and slightly firmer feel off the tee
  • Lower spin off the driver with mid-to-high launch point, high wedge spin into the greens

VERO X2 has the same unique core-mantle-cover integration as VERO X1, the all-new VERO X2 delivers the same distance-enhancing low driver spin and wind-penetrating trajectory for greater distance and pinpoint accuracy on tee shots. Designed for players with high swing speeds, its four-piece, 95-compression construction delivers optimized spin and accuracy with irons and supreme stopping power on greens with wedge shots. It features a high modulus, metal-infused mantle connected to a thin, cast urethane cover by a nano-engineered transition layer. Proprietary perimeter-weighting significantly reduces sidespin and bores through headwinds and crosswinds.

  • 4-piece design
  • Cast Urethane premium cover for an optimal feel
  • Perimeter Weighted Technology
  • 95 Compression

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Weight 19.5 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 1.5 in

AAAA / Near Mint, AAAAA / Mint


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