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e6 Lady – White


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Bridgestone e6 Lady

The e6 Lady Golf Ball is now the softest ball ever made by Bridgestone, as well as the softest and best-selling ladies’ ball on the current market. The 2-piece construction of the soft cover and core come together to give your shots a substantial distance yet maintain the supple feel.

At the heart of the e6 Lady Golf Ball is the super soft Gradational Compression Core. This design combines the high launch of a soft-core ball, with the high distance of a firm-core ball, all with an improved feel that enhances your swing. Player testing in trials has shown distances enhanced between 4-6 yards from tee shots, so this ball have proven results for your game.

Covering the face of the e6 Lady Golf Ball is an array of 330 dimples designed to promote improved aerodynamics. The seamless engineering of these dimples decreases drag while airborne, giving your shot more distance, especially for the moderate swing speeds most female players have.

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Weight 1.65 oz
Dimensions 6 × 1.7 × 5 in

AAAA / Near Mint, AAAAA / Mint


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