BRIDGESTONE e6 Soft – White Golf Ball

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Ball Description

The Bridgestone e6 Soft White Golf Balls are known for Softer, Straighter shots. The key to golf success is straighter and longer shots. The e6 Soft golf ball from Bridgestone is designed for low driver and long iron spin with the new Delta Dimple design for smooth, straight shots as well as optimized launch and stopping power in the short game.Bridgestone e6 Soft White Golf Balls feature: * Incredibly soft feeling golf ball * Low driver and long iron spin for straighter distance * Advance mantle and cover work together for great approach and green-side performance * New Delta Dimple design smooths air resistance and resists pop ups for straighter shots


-High performance golf ball engineered to produce incredibly soft feel and STRAIGHT DISTANCE
-Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting Data proves e6 SoftT is 9 yds longer and 31% straighter than competitors
-Delta Dimple cover design allows for smoother air resistance around the ball for added forgiveness
-Advanced mantle layer and cover work in unison to provide incredible approach and greenside performance
-Core construction provides incredible speed and low spin off lower-lofted clubs for accuracy
-3-piece construction for optimum tee-to-green performance

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