Which Golf Balls do the Top Pro’s Prefer?

September 8, 2022 • 6:50 am

Golf balls are a crucial part of every golfer’s equipment. You can’t play the game without them, and you need a ball that fits your game to get the best results. But what if there were one ball that could outperform all other golf balls? A ball that could help you improve your game and make you feel like you have an advantage over others who aren’t using it? When pros choose their own equipment, they will often go with their fave brand because they know it works well for them—and who better knows what’s right for their game than someone at their level? Here are some top pro players’ favorite brands:

Here are the Golf Balls that Top Professionals Use.

1. Scottie Scheffler

Golf Balls that Top Professionals Use: Scottie Scheffler - Titleist ProV1

Scottie Scheffler’s golf ball, he uses Titleist’s Pro V1. He marks it with two small green dots and a black line—and only high numbers (5 through 8).

Why? “It’s easier to identify,” said Scheffler. “I’ve just hit the wrong ball a few too many times.”

Those mistakes led to big wins—including one at the Super Bowl of golf: Augusta National.

2. Cameron Smith

Golf Balls that Top Professionals Use: Cameron Smith - Titleist ProV1x

Cameron Smith is a Titleist Pro V1x guy. He plays the four-piece ball with a urethane cover, and it’s the firmest feeling ball in their lineup. It also produces the most spin off the tee and highest flight of any ball they make. For a golfer who likes to work the ball round the course and whose woods are set up to maximize carry and workability—like Smith—a Titleist Pro V1x is an ideal choice.

3. Rory McIlroy

Golf Balls that Top Professionals Use: Rory McIlroy - Taylormade TP5x

Rory McIlroy, who had played the prior generation TP5x in 2018 before reverting to the TP5 at the end of 2019, is now using TaylorMade’s new 2021 TP5x golf ball on the PGA Tour. The TP5x is designed to help golfers who have trouble keeping their shots in the fairway. The balls have low spin, so they don’t jump off the face of the club as much.

Rory McIlroy is known to stamp his balls with #22. The reason: “We looked up the meaning of numbers,” said the Northern Irishman, “and the number 22 means powerful and high risk, high reward—and that’s sort of everything I am on the golf course so it seemed appropriate.”

4. Patrick Cantlay

Golf Balls that Top Professionals Use: Patrick Cantlay - Titleist ProV1x

Patrick Cantlay relies on Titleist golf equipment and accessories, including the Pro V1x golf ball—This ball features a new and improved 2.0 ZG Process Core and softer cover than the Pro V1 for increased distance plus better feel and control. The lower spinning Pro V1x is ideal for Tour pros who want to maximize distance off the tee.“Pro V1x has been the right fit for me because it’s the best. I think it’s the best ball that I’ve ever played. I don’t think twice about it when I tee it up. I just know that it’s the best golf ball.”-Patrick Cantlay said

5. Jon Rahm

Golf Balls that Top Professionals Use: Jon Rahm - Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Ball

John Rahm—who goes by the nickname “Rahmbo”—plays Callaway’s Tour ball, the Chrome Soft X. The ball gives the Spanish superstar a chance to show off his touch around and on the greens. The Chrome Soft X is a slightly firmer version of its Chrome Soft sibling. It provides low spin performance with the driver for distance off the tee and also has a high stopping power and feel around the greens.

6. Xander Schauffele

Golf Balls that Top Professionals Use: Xander Schauffele - Callaway Chrome Soft X LS Golf Balls

Xander Schauffele plays the Callaway Chrome Soft X LS golf ball. The Chrome Soft X LS golf ball is intended for better players who prefer a longer ball flight when striking the ball, with a combination of distance and straightness from their longer clubs. Callaway claims this to be their longest tour ball, so if the distance is your priority, it could be the model you want.

7. Justin Thomas

Golf Balls that Top Professionals Use: Justin Thomas - Titleist ProV1x

Justin Thomas is one of the Titleist brand’s top players. He uses the Pro V1x golf ball, which creates excellent flight, but without sacrificing feel or control in any part of the game. The Titleist Pro V1x is an excellent all-rounder and one of the best golfballs on the market.

8. Collin Morikawa

Golf Balls that Top Professionals Use: Collin Morikawa - TaylorMade TP5 Golf Ball

Collin Morikawa is an American professional golfer who uses TP5 golf ball by TaylorMade. This ball has an aerodynamic dimple pattern that makes it fly further than other balls. The ball also features 5-layer construction—including a larger and more reactive Tri-Fast Core and a Dual-Spin Cover—that makes it more efficient from tee to green. It also controls the wind and produces more spin on the greens.

9. Viktor Hovland

Golf Balls that Top Professionals Use: Viktor Hovland - Titleist Pro V1

Titleist’s Pro V1 golf ball is called the game’s best all-around ball and the best fit for most golfers. The Titleist Pro V1 measures up to its reputation as a world-class ball by providing superb performance from tee to green. It flies true and lands softly, so your shots will be accurate. The product is used by many of the world’s greatest players—including Viktor Hovland, a Norwegian professional golfer on the PGA Tour and on the European Tour.

10. Matt Fitzpatrick

Golf Balls that Top Professionals Use: Matt Fitzpatrick - Titleist Pro V1x

Matt Fitzpatrick is a professional golfer from England. He is a loyal Pro V1x user, and he beat out the best golfers in the world to win the 122nd U.S. Open Championship at The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts, this is the same site of his U.S. Amateur victory in 2013. Pro V1x is for golfers looking to shoot their best scores, offering high trajectory and a soft feel from tee to green. Once again, Titleist balls were the most popular balls played at the U.S. Open.

Do Professional Golfers Use Special Golf Balls?

Golf Balls Top Professionals Use

Yes, they do! Some professionals play with the same balls as regular golfers, but a lot of them use special balls. And the balls are marked with symbols like a star to help classify them.

All the special models made for specific players have to conform to the USGA rules. And these balls are marked with some symbols like a star to classify.


The best golf balls for your game are the ones that help you play better, and that’s why we recommend finding the right ball for your individual needs. Whether you need a soft feel or something more durable, there is a golf ball out there made with just what you need in mind.