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VOLVIK Volvik Crystal Golf Ball

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Volvik Crystal Color Mix – 3 piece crystal

1 Dozen / AAAA / 2nd - $599
1 Dozen / AAAAA / 1st - $8.99

Ball Description

This is the prior generation of the Volvik Crystal – 3 piece.  It is a premium level 3-piece golf ball designed for advanced golfers with slower to medium swing speed.
• Volvik Crystal elevates short game control with a soft feel and low compression control core.
• Explosive distance and more accurate approach by soft Power Core, Control Layer and Soft Crystal Surlyn Cover.
• Excellent putting feel and optimal spin rates by more durable Soft Crystal Surlyn cover.
• Improved flight stability and consistency through specially designed 350-Octahedron dimple pattern.


The Volvik Crystal Color mix comprises different colors of golf balls. This is an assortment. If you are interested in a specific color, please provide a comment with your order and we will do the best to accommodate. Colors, include: pink, white, orange, green and blue.

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