Harvesting golf balls

At Golf Ball Monkey LLC, our primary business is the harvesting of golf balls. We pay you to retrieve and extract of golf balls from hard-to-reach areas of the course, reducing build-up and improving the appearance of wooded areas and ponds. We have multiple harvesting techniques and talents that we leverage depending on the course we are working with. We swing for golf balls at Golf Ball Monkey and leave no stone or lily pad unturned.

Our Golf Ball Harvesting Process

STEP 1: Once a golf course has decided to do business with Golf Ball Monkey, we work with them to identify the days of the week and the time of day with the lowest golfer traffic and provide a monthly schedule for harvesting and retrieving.

STEP 2: We focus our harvesting efforts on each courses pond and brush line areas. If you have another spot on your course that has an accumulation of balls, please feel free to inform our team and we will edit your contract to include those areas in our harvesting efforts.

STEP 3: We provide qualified divers to support water hazard golf ball recovery. All of our divers are professionally trained and we try to hire many ex-veterans in this position as possible. Where required, we can roll your water hazards as well.

STEP 4: Upon harvest completion, we will sell any balls back to the course as well as return any range balls that were lost at no additional cost.

The Golf Ball Monkey Advantage

  • Our recovery process is nonintrusive to your golfers. Your members expect a seamless golfing experience and, with our unique harvesting methods, the golfers do not even know we are present

  • Our price per ball/course is competitive compared to other harvesting companies

  • Our course fees are paid upfront or on the same day

  • Courses that partner with Golf Ball Monkey can buy back their balls at a reduced rate

  • All range and practice balls are returned at no cost to the facility

  • We do not over schedule our divers. This ensures your monthly golf ball recovery process is effective and provides a positive return

While our harvesting rates vary by course, we do offer two main models:

1. Price Per Ball

We offer a price per ball where we pay the local course for the number of balls found per visit.

Under this agreement, Golf Ball Monkey LLC will:

  • Pay XX cents per usable ball. This excludes practice, bubbled, cut and faded balls.
  • Pay for harvesting within 3 business days.
  • Harvest golf balls on a monthly basis.
  • Provide 2M-liability insurance for its employees. A copy of this policy will be provided.
  • Be granted an exclusive right to enter the course property at a mutual and acceptable time to harvest balls during the terms of this agreement.
  • Hold harmless the course or its owners, employees or customers from any personal injury while recovering balls from the course.

Under this agreement, Golf Ball Monkey LLC will:

  • Diligently protect this exclusive right and assist Golf Ball Monkey LLC in protecting water hazards from poaching and ball hawking from unauthorized persons.
  • Provide a 30-day written notice of termination of this agreement.
  • Adhere to the contract, which is good for two years after the date it was signed.

2. Exclusive Harvesting Rights

We pay an annual fee to have exclusive rights to harvest golf balls from your course. If you are interested in having Golf Ball Monkey follow-up with you, please contact us at: