Once cleaned, the golf balls are separated according to make, model and condition. The balls are then graded by their condition, allowing us to systematically separate the mid grade golf balls from the premium golf balls.
AAAAA — Premium Grade
The premium grade consists of AAAAA grade balls. Overall these balls are in excellent shape and do not exhibit any scuffs, fading, or wear. These balls may have a logo and/or pen marking.
AAAA — Mid-Grade
The mid grade or AAAA ball shows some wear and tear which may include a light scuff, some fading to the logo or ink mark; anything that does not affect the integrity and performance of the ball. Overall these are high-quality balls with a lot of play left in them.
We pride ourselves on our Integrity, Honesty, and High-Quality Service in every transaction we undertake. Our grading process is based on a visual inspection of every ball. If the grade does not match the ball, GBM will remove it and do everything in our power to ensure a high level of client satisfaction.