The Difference Between the 2021 Pro V1X and 2019 Pro V1X and Prior Generations

August 2, 2022 • 7:07 am

The Pro V1X is one of the most popular golf balls on the market, and it’s a favorite among many pro players. So naturally, when the 2021 version was announced, there was plenty of buzz around what had changed and whether or not it would be an improvement over previous versions. Well, let me tell you: it is! So what’s different between generations? Let’s take a look at successive iterations side by side so we can see how they stack up against each other (and get ourselves ready for this season).


prov v1x 2003 titleist golfball

Titleist launched the Pro V1x to consumer markets in 2003. It has a high-coverage 332 dimple design and is the first ProV1 family that has a dual-core. The new ball was designed to have less spin, and it did—at least for a few years.


prov v1x 2017 titleist golf ball

To make a more stable and consistent flight, Titleist rebuilt the ball in 2017 to have more spin. The new Pro V1x has a larger portion of its 328 dimples that now cover most of its surface. The benefit is a higher trajectory and more iron spin.

“Historically, the perception has been that the Pro V1 is [higher-spinning than the Pro V1x] from tee to green,” Mahoney said. “Now it’s the opposite of that.”

Pro V1x: four-piece dual core ball with urethane cover has More Spin, Higher Trajectory, Firmer Feel


In 2019, the Titleist Pro V1x golf ball has a new construction that is 17% thinner on its cast urethane cover, allowing the inner layers to drive the ball forward. This also enables Titleist to make the casing layer that contains the core 11% thicker. The 2.0 ZG process core gives golfers more speed off a driver while maintaining the spin control they are known for. It still has a 328 dimple design same as in 2017 but because of the aerodynamics of the dimples used on the 2019 Pro V1x golf ball, it will fly higher than the previous versions. Also, new this year is that Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls are now available in high optic yellow color.

yellow golfball pro v1 and pro v1x

The 2019 Pro V1X has a slightly firmer feel, but still offers high launch and high spin to help golfers have a longer distance and consistent ball flight.

This is also the year that Titleist launch the new version of its popular Pro V1x golf ball, the Pro V1x Left Dash. It started out as a prototype golf ball for professional golfers to provide pros with a unique golf ball whose characteristics were not captured by either the Pro V1 or the Pro V1x. So on Oct. 1, 2019, recreational golfers were able to custom order the so-called Pro V1x “Left Dash.”

The Titleist Pro V1X Left Dash is for golfers who prefer a higher ball flight but is built for way less spin than the traditional Pro V1X. The Titleist Pro V1X Left Dash has a harder cover and a different core and casing construction giving it a more firm feel. Players that play in high winds or in soft conditions may prefer the 10% less slightly reduced spin.


The 2021 edition of Titleist’s Pro V1x golf ball has the identical outstanding performance to older generations, the impact has the same “tock” sound but Titleist has improved on the four-piece construction to deliver better performance than ever. A major overhaul to give players the greatest combination of spin, feel, and speed in the game, producing the best fit for the majority of golfers.

2021 Titleist pro v1x layer

“Whether it’s core – or dual core in Pro V1x – the casing layer, the cover, or the aerodynamics, it’s all been changed.” said Jeremy Stone, Vice President of Titleist golf ball marketing in an interview by

  • Pro V1x 2021 golf ball model has new Spherically-tiled Tetrahedral Dimple Design, now consists of 348-dimpled patterns to provide better aerodynamics, longer flying shots and optimized higher trajectories than the prior generations.

  • Reformulated 2.0 ZG (Zero Gradient) Process Cores that delivers increased distance in Pro V1x.

  • The Faster wrapper layer on Pro V1x golf balls provides additional speed and lower long game spin. This highly-resilient and faster ionomer was first developed on the Pro V1x Left Dash option.

  • New Softer Urethane Elastomer Outer Cover provides softer-than-ever cover formulation gives the Pro V1 and Pro V1x more greenside spin for more control in the short game.

Difference Between the Titleist  2021 Pro V1x and 2019 Pro V1x Golf Ball

Difference between the Titleist  2021 Pro V1x and 2019 Pro V1x golf ball

The 2021 Pro V1X has a better flight pattern due to its new layer construction. This means that the ball will launch higher and have a lower spin rate, which is important for tour players. The 2019 version of the Pro V1X was designed with feedback from tour players in mind, but it wasn’t quite what they were looking for out on the course. The new construction is more durable than its predecessor, which means you’ll get years of play from your new golf balls instead of just months like before!


The 2021 Pro V1X performs better on all fronts. Many golfers have noticed the difference in the flight pattern and spin, especially from their irons. The cover is also more durable and less susceptible to damage from hard hits off the tee or rough around the greens. The only thing you may not like about this ball is its price tag but if you want a premium quality ball that performs the same as buying new one, consider getting recycled golf balls . These can be found for a lot less money than new ones and perform almost as well. Swing for less at Golf Ball Monkey or find us at our Amazon Store .